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UpBeat is our Whole Class Ensemble Teaching Programme (photo - Kineton Primary School).


UpBeat follows on from a grand legacy of whole class instrumental programmes going back to 2002 when the government pledged that over time - all pupils in primary schools who wish to, will have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.

"I have no doubt that the outcomes go far beyond the music curriculum - impacting very positively to the school improvement programme."  Catherine Crisp, Head Teacher at Hillmorton Primary School, Rugby 

“I am thrilled by the partnership and support from warwickshire Music here at Wembrook Primary School. The quality of their music teaching is second to none.”  Simon Pearson - Head Teacher, Wembrook Primary School

There are so many benefits to having this programme in schools which are indentified in the UpBeat Handbook (available from Warwickshire Music).  We now offer a comprehensive KS1 package on top of the very established KS2 programme. There are some great developments at KS3 and these can only expand and become more established for secondary schools.

For more information see our UpBeat Overview


UpBeat Understanding and Agreement with Schools 2017-18 (pdf)

UpBeat Visit Dates for Schools (pdf)

UpBeat Handbook 2017-18 (pdf)


Instrumental Lessons


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Many of our pupils would not have had the chance to learn the violin in this area but they love it and many continue into the second and third year. The children love performing and it is good for the school to have live music.

Deputy Head Teacher
Race Leys Junior School, Bedworth

WCET provides a wonderful learning experience for the children and essential CPD for staff and I have no doubt that the outcomes go far beyond the music curriculum - impacting very positively on our school improvement programme.

Catherine Crisp
Headteacher at Hillmorton Primary School, Rugby

The programme was so rewarding as a teacher, the demand for lessons after the first year was in danger of outstripping supply, every performance was just awesome to see all the pupils engaged in something positive.

Jon Rothenberg
CMS instrumental teacher

The children really look forward to their music lesson (WCET).  It is their favourite lesson of the week.  WCET has been very useful to see different methods of managing a whole class of children with musical instruments.

Mrs Gardener
Class Teacher - Briar Hill Infant School

We are delighted as a school with the UpBeat lessons that the CMS provides. Our year 4 pupils look forward to their visit from Miss Slater every week and their performance in assembly this morning demonstrates how much they have developed musically and also how much enjoyment they get from it. 

Head Teacher
Race Leys Junior School, Bedworth

Jamie shows me how to hold the violin the proper way. He hasn't taken to anything else but he is excited about the violin.

UpBeat Parent
Race Leys Junior School, Bedworth