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Suzuki String Group 


What is Suzuki?

The Suzuki Method was developed in Japan by Dr. Suzuki and has been successfully adapted by teachers worldwide.
Dr. Suzuki believed that every child has a musical talent which will flourish given the right environment.
Parents, working closely with the teacher, teach their children to play the violin in the same way they taught them how to speak:

  • With constant encouragement
  • Constant listening
  • Constant repetition

Children are usually ready to start lessons between the ages 4 - 7. Violins are available to suit even the smallest child.


Group Playing

Saturday morning workshops are an integral part of the Suzuki method and must be attended.

It builds on the work done in lessons and in practice at home.

Children enjoy playing together and hearing more advanced pieces being played. This motivates them to further practice and provides performance opportunities from the very beginning.

In their first year of learning children will be invited to observe a main group workshop. Beginners start workshops in October but are welcome to come and observe the September play together


Parental Involvement

You do not require a musical background to be a good ‘Suzuki’ parent. It is, however, a considerable commitment and you do need patience, dedication and time to help your child if the method is to be successful. You will need to attend every lesson with your child, listen, watch carefully and make notes.

Practice -  The teacher will explain what to do and how you should practise at home. You will help your child with their daily practice, paying attention to the instructions given in the lesson. Practise only five or ten minutes daily at first, increasing as the child progresses. Do ensure to make a regular time for practice.

Listen - You and your child should listen daily to a recording of the music the child is learning. This is very important for the development of aural memory and sense of pitch.

Music Reading - Music reading is not introduced until the child has mastered the basic playing techniques and developed his/her musical memory. Then he/she will be taught to read music and be able to join an orchestra or a similar group as appropriate.

Suzuki String Group Friends

We have an active Friends group whose members provide practical help in assisting to organise workshops, concerts and other activities. Parents of all registered children are eligible to join the Friends


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