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If you think Warwickshire Music is just about providing instrumental lessons... THINK AGAIN!

Warwickshire Music is proud to work in partnership with 92% of Warwickshire schools to support their music curriculum and their wider aspirations for student and school enrichment.

Music can stimulate and challenge all children and give them a real sense of achievement, it can help you create a powerful community bond across your whole school.

At Warwickshire Music we understand that no two schools are the same and each of you has your own very specific requirements. Therefore, we are pleased to offer you a wide variety of musical opportunities to choose from.

Together with our Hub partners, Warwickshire Music offers the very highest quality music education provision for all children and young people in Warwickshire schools. Together we can meet the challenges of The National Plan for Music Education.

What can Warwickshire Music offer you from September 2019?


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Decreases must be made a minimum of a half term in advance. The deadline for decreases for Spring Half Term is 20/12/19.

If a form is not submitted your timetable will be rolled forward to the next half term. 

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'Music Education is a fundamental entitlement at Lawrence Sheriff School as it supports our students in developing a full range of skills and experiences.  Our longstanding and thriving partnership with Warwickshire Music is a key element in the musical life of the school.  We are very happy with the quality of their teaching staff and the positive relationship we enjoy with them.'

Dr. Peter Kent headteacher
Lawrence Sheriff Grammar School

My Year 4 children and staff had a fabulous day last Thursday with Ex Cathedra - they arrived back at school still singing and with enormous smiles on their faces! The rest of the children are now really looking forward to our workshops in school.

How's that?

Alison Hines
Headteacher, The Dassett CE Primary School, Fenny Compton