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Warwickshire Music Hub and our partners aim to provide opportunities for those with leanings towards playing in a rock and pop band or exploring their inner creative voice through song writing.

Rock and Pop

Contemporary, commercial music probably plays more of a part in the lives of the under 18 than any other music or art form. After all, it’s what brings people together and gives us an identity. We are defined by the music we listen to, the clothes we wear and our attitude to the world around us is influenced by the songs we choose to hear daily.

For songwriters, composers and performers we have two project studios set up and designed to teach you how to use the latest 'in the box' music technology for you to unleash your creative powers. We will guide you through the process from song writing, to recording, producing, mixing, mastering and marketing.

Just remember to give us a shout when you become famous.

Want to be in a band?

In Stratford there is Gig Zone (where existing bands and those that want to be in a band can come together to get specialist advice and training) and in Rugby and Kenilworth there are dedicated Drum Schools.

To find out more about any of the above contact music@warwickshire.gov.uk



Instrumental Lessons


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