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A list of questions we often get asked. If the answer you are looking for is not here, please contact us.

How can I contact my child’s Warwickshire Music teacher?

Please communicate through your child's Practice Diary (issued by the Warwickshire Music teacher) or contact the Warwickshire Music office on music@warwickshire.gov.uk.


What should I do with a broken Warwickshire Music instrument?

Please complete a instrument exchange form at the link below

Instrument Exchange Form

Or contact us at music@warwickshire.gov.uk with your child's full name, school and details of instrument including serial number.

As per the terms and conditions of hire the hirer is responsible for any damage to the instrument during the hire period. Please see our terms and conditions here


Can I buy the instrument we have been hiring?

Unfortunately, we do not sell any of our instruments as these are needed for new pupils. However, you can find more information on buying an instrument here


How long can we hire the instrument for?

Instruments are available for up to three years!

The first year hire is free, you can then hire the instrument for two years after the first year free hire. (subject to availability)

See Instrument hire.

If you are eligible for Warwickshire Music remission you can retain the instrument free of charge for as long as your child continues their lessons with Warwickshire Music

See Payments, remissions and help for families


What is the VAT free scheme for purchasing instruments?

Called the Assisted Purchase Scheme this enables the purchase of certain instruments through schools, VAT free

For full details click here.


When does the music centre start?

Click on here to find out our teaching weeks for instrumental/vocal lessons in our music centres


How many weeks do Warwickshire Music teachers teach per term?

Warwickshire Music teachers work an average of 11 weeks per term in schools and music centres. This will vary depending on term lengths. However, over the course of the academic year they will teach for 33 weeks for instrumental and vocal lessons.


What if my child is off sick?

Generally a child’s absence is classed as a spent lesson, however, for serious or long term illness please contact Warwickshire Music for advice on how we can help.


Can I pay my invoice(s) over the phone?

You can pay via debit/credit card over the phone.
You can also pay online Here
Or send a cheque to the Warwickshire Music Office made out to "Warwickshire County Council"


Can I make one payment online to cover all my child’s Warwickshire Music activities?

As individual reference numbers are needed for each activity, unfortunately, they will need to be paid separately.


How can I tell if my online payment has gone through?

You will receive an email confirming payment, from WorldPay direct. It may take up to 7 working days for a online payment to appear on your record.


Who do I make cheques payable to?

Warwickshire County Council


My child wants to join a group, how do I know which one is suitable?

Please look at the Warwickshire Music activity sheet on the Join a Group page. 

If you do not know which group is best for your child please contact their teacher


How much notice do I need to give if my child decides to stop lessons at the music centre or a direct parent billed school?

You will need to give us a notice to stop music lessons as per the terms and conditions here

You will also need to complete a cancellation form to inform us.


My child has started lessons at school with a Warwickshire Music teacher. How can I get an instrument?

Warwickshire Music provides new pupils with an instrument free of charge for their first year of playing
(this is subject to availability and certain instruments such as keyboards and drum kits are not included).
If you would like to hire an instrument through Warwickshire Music please complete and submit the hire application Here.


How can I find out what music group activities are available from Warwickshire Music?

Go to our Join a Group page which gives your details of all the groups available throughout the county.


How can I return an instrument?

You can now return your instrument directly to our Music Warehouse. Please complete the form below where you will find more details on returning an instrument to our warehouse.

If you are returning an instrument to school please get permission before returning the instrument to the school or a Warwickshire Music Teacher, then complete the instrument return form below, so that we can arrange our warehouse team to collect. Failure to do so, may result in you being charged for a subsequent term.

Instrument Return Form




Instrumental Lessons


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