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With so many groups to choose from there is bound to be the right group for you near where you live.


Music Centre Activities

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Get Singing

Singing is such a fundamental and enjoyable activity it is worth just seeing what is available for you.  

Click on Get Singing to find everything to do with singing, choirs and Music Theatre groups.


County Group Activities

If you are already playing or singing at a high standard then click on County Groups to discover our exciting senior groups.  

They perform at the very highest level and at prestigious concert venues across the country.


Regional Group Activities

If you are already playing at Grade 6 or above then click on our regional group activies to discover the regional groups you can be involved with!


Instrumental Lessons


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My wife, 14 year old son and myself have been fortunate to attend several performances by the Warwickshire Music Hub (formerly the Warwickshire County Music Service) and have always been amazed by the outstanding talent on show. We have seen performances by children of all ages from Key Stage 1 to "A" Level stage. It is hard to believe that all of the performers are still at school. 

The passion and quality shown by the performers and organisers, including tutors, conductors, helpers and comperes, is absolutely fantastic.

We have been entertained by choirs, full orchestras and more contemporary musicians and the quality from all ages is outstanding.

We have recently watched a junior performance of Oliver and all of the performers were absolute stars in their own right. The warm feeling you get when leaving these performances is amazing and we always look forward to the next one.

Simon Button
Mayor of Whitnash