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Warwickshire Music instrument hire schemes are supported by the Warwickshire Music Hub using public funding. They are restricted to pupils learning with Warwickshire Music teachers in Warwickshire state/academy schools and are subject to availability.

N.B. You will be required to sign a Hire Agreement before any instrument is issued to your child.

Warwickshire Music provides new pupils with an instrument free of charge for their first year of playing – this is subject to availability and certain instruments such as keyboards and drum kits are not included. If you would like to hire an instrument through Warwickshire Music please complete the hire application below. We will notify you of instrument availability and ask you to complete a Hire Agreement.

Before filling out the form, please refer to our Instrument Size Chart for guidance. 

* Please Note: The embedded form may not work properly on mobile devices. If you experience any problems using it, please click here to open the form in its own page

Instrument hire charges for 2nd/3rd year hire




After the first year, you can apply to hire an instrument for the second year at a termly rate, again via the hire application (once approved you will be required to sign a hire agreement and an invoice will be issued to you). You can also apply to hire for the third year (subject to availability).

Minority Instrument Loan Scheme

Warwickshire Music currently operates a minority instrument loan scheme for specific instruments - Bassoon, Oboe, French Horn, Euphonium, Trombone, Tuba, Viola, Bass Viol, Cello, Double Bass and Saxophone.

This scheme enables pupils playing the above instruments to apply for an extension of the free hire for a second and third year. Conditions apply and students will need to attend lessons regularly, maintain acceptable progress levels and play in a music centre ensemble.

Those pupils unable to commit to a music centre ensemble can, of course, apply to hire an instrument for the second/third year and pay the relevant hire fee.


Free instrument hire is available for all pupils eligible for Warwickshire Music remission. Please see Payments, remissions and help for families.

For more details on any of the above, please contact Warwickshire Music.

Instrument insurance

Parents/carers are asked to insure the instrument as soon as it is received. Warwickshire Music will cover the cost of repairs for wear and tear, but not loss or accidental damage. Please, therefore, contact your home insurance company to see if it is possible to add it to your policy. They will need details of the instrument, including make and serial number, as well as the address of the owner of the instrument (Warwickshire Music, Saltisford Office Park, Ansell Way, Warwick, CV34 4UL).

Instrument care

It is important to look after instruments in your care - guidance will be issued by your teacher on instrument care.  Parents are responsible for the purchase of consumables during the period of the loan (e.g. reeds).


Instrument Hire Charges

Instrument Size Guide


Instrumental Lessons


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